Asian Salmon Burgers with Tangy Ginger Lime Sauce

We’re back!  Disney was scorching hot, utterly enchanting, completely over-crowded, and positively thrilling all rolled up into one fabulously magical package. Next time we’ll pick a much slightly less popular week to experience the house of the mouse; even if it means pulling the kids out of school for a couple days (shhh… don’t tell Nick’s teacher I said that).  That being said, watching the younger set experience the wonder of it all was well worth the trouble.  Especially the little ones.  When my one year old niece, Taylor, met Snow White for the first time, you would have thought she’d died and gone to heaven.  She ran full on into her arms and just sank into pure joy.  It was enough to make the entire over-heated, impatient line of Disney goers let out a collective “awwww.”  I guarantee you’ve never witnessed sheer bliss like this.

All in all it was a fun week.  I have to say, though, that I am happy to be back home and back to the blog.  I really missed you guys!  To kick off the week I’m popping up a killer Asian Salmon burger that’s easy on the palate and doesn’t take much effort in the kitchen.   The dipping sauce is the real gem in this one.  Pour a little over the top of the burger and then serve a little more on the side for extra dipping.  It’s as close to “one year old meets childhood idol” bliss as you can get.

To cook up a batch of burgers, you’ll first grab a pound of salmon and cut it into manageable chunks.  Throw it into your food processor and pulse until you are left with no big pieces.

Next up you’ll add some Asian inspiration and mix it in by hand (or spoon if you don’t like to get your hands dirty).

Form it into four large patties and get ready to cook these beauties up.  Heat a little sesame oil over an open flame and when it’s good and hot, cook up your patties until they’re a beautiful golden brown on both sides.  Yum yum.

While your patties are cooking, grab up a few sauce ingredients; some mayo, sour cream, lime juice, soy sauce, ginger, and green onions.  Mix it all together.

You ready for this?  Toast up a bun, pop one of those beautiful salmon burgers on top, spoon a little sauce over the seafood ensemble and bite into pure bliss.  Snow White would be oh so proud.

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Asian Salmon Burgers with Tangy Ginger Lime Sauce

Total Time: 30 min


For the Salmon Burgers:

1 Pound Salmon
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Clove Garlic
1 tsp Powdered Ginger
1 tsp Oyster Sauce
1 Green Onion, Chopped
1 Tbsp Fresh Basil, Chopped (about 5 leaves worth)
11/2 Tbsp Sesame Oil

For the Ginger Lime Sauce:

1/4 Cup Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp Sour Cream
1/2 tsp Powdered Ginger
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Green Onion, Chopped
1/4 Lime, Juiced


Cut the salmon into large hunks and pulse it in a food processor until no large pieces remain.

Add to the salmon the soy sauce, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, green onion, and basil.

Combine ingredients well and form 4 large patties from mixture.

Heat up the sesame oil in a large frying pan on medium high heat and add in the patties. Cook for about 10 minutes flipping once half way through.

To make the sauce, add together all the above listed ingredients and stir to combine.

Pour a spoonful of sauce over the top of the finished salmon burger and serve inside a toasted bun.

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36 Responses to “Asian Salmon Burgers with Tangy Ginger Lime Sauce”

  1. 1

    Miel et Lait — April 26, 2011 @ 5:36 am

    Oh, my those look amazing! Your photography skills are killer!

  2. 2

    Laura in Cancun — April 26, 2011 @ 10:53 am

    Oh my gosh that looks incredible! I would never have thought of that.

  3. 3

    Jenna — April 26, 2011 @ 11:18 am

    Those burgers look heavenly! I love salmon so much and kind of wish I was back in Delaware where salmon was $5.99/lb instead of $11.99/lb like it tends to be here in Chicago.
    That picture of your niece and Snow White is PRICELESS! You can definitely see the bliss on her little sweaty face. =)

  4. 4

    Sommer@ASpicyPerspective — April 26, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

    The picture of your niece is the cutest thing ever! Glad you had fun.

    I had salmon burgers years ago, and have it in my mind that I’m not a fan, but your look simply fantastic. I bet they’d change my mind. :)

  5. 5

    Cara @ The Boys Made Me Do It! — April 26, 2011 @ 12:42 pm

    Glad you’re back and had a great trip!

  6. 6

    Melissa R — April 26, 2011 @ 12:43 pm

    How sweet!! I can’t wait for Alex to experience stuff like that!! Glad you guys had a great time (even in the heat!!) These burgers look way too yummy!!

  7. 7

    Brenda — April 26, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

    What a beautiful burger!! It looks so juicy and I love that sauce. You outdid yourself this time Julie!

  8. 8

    Maria — April 26, 2011 @ 1:27 pm

    Love the burgers and the sauce! Great combo!

  9. 9

    Faith — April 26, 2011 @ 1:28 pm

    Glad to have you back Julie! Also, I am glad you had fun with your family in Disney :) The salmon burger idea is brilliant! I would’ve not thoguht of it and it really looks good. I should make this to Mike for a change since he adores salmon.

  10. 10

    Rita — April 26, 2011 @ 2:10 pm

    So happy it all turned out and everyone was happy; I can just imagine.
    Your recipe is being printed as I write this. Another keeper; we love salmon and this sounds super good and easy.
    Welcome back to the real world.

  11. 11

    anne — April 26, 2011 @ 3:52 pm

    I’ll never forget the first time we took our sons there-magical! Glad you had a great time, anne

  12. 12

    AllieMakes — April 26, 2011 @ 5:36 pm

    Oh WOW! Those look fantastic! My mouth is watering and I am SO hungry now! Will be trying this FOR SURE!!

  13. 13

    Biren @ Roti n Rice — April 26, 2011 @ 6:24 pm

    Aww…that is the most adorable picture of your niece! Glad you managed to capture it. :) Sounds like you guys had a fun time at Disney. I am glad we went when we did as the boys have outgrown it. They grow up too fast…sigh!

    I don’t know about Snow White but I would sure love to have that burger. 😉

  14. 14

    Juliana — April 26, 2011 @ 6:28 pm

    Wow, your salmon burger looks delicious…even more with the nice dressing that you have on it…they match perfectly. Superb meal. Hope you are having a wonderful week Julie :-)

  15. 15

    Kay @ The Church Cook — April 26, 2011 @ 9:27 pm

    These look fabulous Julie! Must try at my church lunch one Wednesday! So glad you had a wonderful time!!

  16. 16

    5 Star Foodie — April 26, 2011 @ 10:28 pm

    These salmon burgers look amazing! I love the flavor profile here, the Ginger Lime Sauce is a perfect accompaniment to the salmon burgers.

  17. 17

    Mandy - The Complete Cook Book — April 26, 2011 @ 11:50 pm

    What a treasured moment your niece enjoyed – perfection! So pleased that you enjoyed the time albeit too busy with all the crowds.
    Your salmon burger looks incredible and I love the idea of your ginger lime sauce – a taste explosion meal.
    :-) Mandy

  18. 18

    Anna Johnston — April 27, 2011 @ 2:51 am

    Oh my lord, but I’ve gotta try these salmon burgers soon. Love the sound of tangy ginger lime sauce with these. YUM :)

  19. 19

    Sanjeeta kk — April 27, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

    I love that tangy ginger lime sauce! Might try the same with my veggie burgers :)

  20. 20

    Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. — April 27, 2011 @ 1:26 pm

    this looks fabulous

  21. 21

    LisaDay — April 27, 2011 @ 1:51 pm

    They look delicious. But that pic of your niece. Beautiful.


  22. 22

    Tanvi@SinfullySpicy — April 27, 2011 @ 7:49 pm

    These burgers look yum! Can u believe I have never cooked salmon at home even though I like fish a lot.The first picture with sauce dripping down is lip smacking.
    I went to Disney on Halloween so I know what you are talking abt.Glad that you had a fun time!

  23. 23

    melissa@the hungry artist — April 27, 2011 @ 9:17 pm

    Wow, this looks absolutely delicious and healthy!

  24. 24

    CK — April 27, 2011 @ 11:26 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am SO gonna try this! I think I have all the ingredients in my fridge/freezer right now!

  25. 25

    Katerina — April 28, 2011 @ 1:24 am

    I am glad you had so fun, and how couldn’t you? These burgers are a very good idea to just make change from the ordinary fish fillet!

  26. 26

    Nuts about food — April 28, 2011 @ 10:11 am

    I have no doubt which I prefer between Snow White and this mouthwatering burger. Oh my…

  27. 27

    Kristen — April 28, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

    Those burgers sound fantastic. I love the sauce. I think I’d have a hard time not licking out the bowl!

  28. 28

    Melissa R — April 28, 2011 @ 11:20 pm

    I wanted to stop back by to let you know that I am giving you a lovely blog award : ) cause’ I love your blog!!

  29. 29

    Mari's Cakes — April 29, 2011 @ 8:39 pm

    I wish I was at Disney!! I glad you had a great time. These burgers must be so delicious. It is something I have to try!!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  30. 30

    Maranda — May 9, 2011 @ 3:38 pm

    I’m not crazy!!! I recently made a ginger lime pound cake and was telling my older sister about it and she thought I was crazy for thinking that flavor combination sounded good. These burgers look absolutely mouthwatering!!! I can’t wait to try them! And that picture of your niece and Snow White just made my day. What a sweet moment in her life!

  31. 31

    malia — May 11, 2011 @ 1:14 am

    dang girl! how do you make me crave a salmon burger at 10 pm?!?

  32. 32

    Nelya | PancakeNinja — June 23, 2011 @ 6:11 pm

    I really like this, or it’s the photo, or it’s dinner time and I’m looking at photos of food!
    copying the recipe now.

  33. 33

    Heidi — October 20, 2011 @ 10:28 pm

    Made the sauce tonight & it was delicious. Thank you for posting. First time on your blog and really impressed. Your niece with Snow White is priceless & I agree that your photography skills are fabulous! Great job!

  34. 34

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  35. 35

    Monica — March 14, 2013 @ 8:47 am

    Fantastic sauce. I had bought salmon burgers and was browsing the Internet for a sauce. Came across this site, made the sauce and it was great! Next time I’ll be making these burgers too…not just the sauce. Thanks for the recipes!

    • Julie replied: — March 20th, 2013 @ 11:11 am

      So glad you enjoyed it! Now you’ve got me craving a burger of my own. :)

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