What I learned on my way to BlogHer Food

I apologize for being a bit absent this week.  You see, I’ve been eating my way around the state of Georgia since last Tuesday.  I spent quality time with close blogger friends, consumed delicious food, and imbibed the perfect cup of coffee all before heading off to BlogHer food to end the week.  I’ll return to regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, but for today, I thought I’d share some pictures recounting a bit of what I learned while making my way to the Atlanta conference.

I learned that Augusta makes a pretty darn tasty Etouffée.

I learned that locally grown foods can taste otherworldly when put into the right hands.

I also learned that even in these tough economic times, people still show incredible generosity.  There are six more dishes where these two came from that aren’t even pictured here.  If you’re ever in Augusta, get thyself to Frog Hollow for a pitch perfect meal.  Immediately.

I learned that the Rooster’s Beak tortilla isn’t just for Mexican…

… and that if you enjoy a fried green tomato, you’ll really enjoy a fried green tomatillo.

Chocolate cake that’s as tall as my youngest child.  No learning curve necessary.

I learned everything I ever wanted to know about roasting beans and the proper way to brew a cup of coffee…

…and drank five cups of the best black libation I’ve ever put my mouth to.

I had an amazing tasting paired with local meats and grains that left me inspired to search out my own neighborhood markets.

Check out this incredible coffee pairing menu.

Most important, I learned that this blogging gig I’ve gotten myself into isn’t just about the food and recipes.  It’s about the amazing people you meet along the journey.  Incredibly generous and beautiful men and women that openly share food and stories; that welcome their homes to strangers and seat them at their table as if they were their own family.   Close friends that abundantly share their knowledge and provide support whenever it is needed.  Through it all, relationships are formed that will last a lifetime.  Memories made that will be treasured always.  Blogging isn’t just about the words and the pictures.  It’s about the people standing behind them.

Photo of myself and Fran from Thin Recipes.  Taken by Maggie from Loaded Kitchen, our generous host for Augusta Food Crawl 2011




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35 Responses to “What I learned on my way to BlogHer Food”

  1. 1

    Fran — May 22, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

    Wonderful post! You have summed it up so beautifully. I was so nice to get to know you better and to get to laugh (giggle) uncontrollably once again. I look forward to our next gathering!!

  2. 2

    Rita — May 22, 2011 @ 2:19 pm

    What a wonderful post and what a great adventure; Your photos are excellent and we can see what a great time you had; going to check puit your blogger friends.

  3. 3

    Mari's Cakes — May 22, 2011 @ 4:33 pm

    Julie, I am glad you are having a great time, with really good blogger friends :)

    We miss you.

  4. 4

    Susan Loren-Taylor — May 22, 2011 @ 5:42 pm

    Beautifully said! What a fun week. I miss you all already!

  5. 5

    Suzanne — May 22, 2011 @ 7:58 pm

    Amen :)

  6. 6

    Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum — May 22, 2011 @ 11:01 pm

    This was so entertaining to read! Very cute and clever and delicious-looking!

  7. 7

    Miel et Lait — May 23, 2011 @ 12:10 am

    Julie, I can’t agree more! The best part of blogging is the connections we make with each other. Sounds like you had a full week! Can’t wait to read more!

  8. 8

    JulieD — May 23, 2011 @ 7:35 am

    So true! It was great to see you this weekend, Julie! :)

  9. 9

    Ilke — May 23, 2011 @ 8:07 am

    I understood the best part of the blogging this weekend! So many beautiful people!
    It was so great to meet you finally Julie!

  10. 10

    rebecca — May 23, 2011 @ 9:29 am

    wow I want to have the coffee tasting menu funny to see it served in china teacups though he he

  11. 11

    Barbara | Creative Culinary — May 23, 2011 @ 9:52 am

    I’ve started a local food blogger group to try and help me deal with not getting to a larger conference. Atlanta was as close a I’ve ever made. I bought a ticket! Which I then sold, boo hoo. I’ve met so many friends and clients through my experience with a food blog; it has to happen one day soon because the one thing everyone takes away from the experience is, yes, the food but more importantly? The friendships.

  12. 12

    Ashton — May 23, 2011 @ 9:54 am

    We hope you come back to Augusta soon – there are lots more awesome restaurants to explore! :)

  13. 13

    Cindy — May 23, 2011 @ 10:28 am

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. So glad you got to enjoy all of it. And you are so right about the blogging being more than words and pictures! You might be interested in the Specialty Coffee Association of America convention. My sister works for them.

  14. 14

    Laura in Cancun — May 23, 2011 @ 11:20 am

    Best. Week. Ever. So jealous!

  15. 15

    Melissa R — May 23, 2011 @ 11:57 am

    I wanna crawl with y’all : (
    It is so true about the amazing people that you get to meet and get to know… like you!! All just from having a little blog.

  16. 16

    Maranda — May 23, 2011 @ 12:30 pm

    What a beautiful post! I’m so glad you had a great time down in Georgia.

  17. 17

    Jenna — May 23, 2011 @ 12:41 pm

    Lovely! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience!

  18. 18

    klmquiroz — May 23, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

    Glad you had a great time in our town, Augusta. Were working hard to make everyone’s experience enjoyable. Enjoy your time in Charleston( another other awesome city). City recommendation when in ,is when you wander back through again would be Aiken.Just 20 minutes North East of Augusta Ga, and North Augusta, SC

  19. 19

    Kenny Adams — May 23, 2011 @ 3:36 pm

    Thanks so much for coming too and blogging about Augusta! Gonna post this on our facebook wall too! GREAT Write Up! And we absolutely LOVE Buona Caffe!

  20. 20

    Augusta Food Crawl–Sweatpants Required. — May 23, 2011 @ 4:03 pm

    […] have any pictures to show you of their 7th Heaven cake but go look at Julie’s post HERE and you’ll see why the Boll Weevil made it on to our food […]

  21. 21

    jenna — May 23, 2011 @ 4:22 pm

    what a beautiful post!! the food looks amazing!

  22. 22

    Tammy — May 23, 2011 @ 4:30 pm

    Looks like you had a great time! I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at all that yummy food.

    Stopping by from Melissa’s Fab Five! Had to come and meet her favorite five.

  23. 23

    sippitysup — May 23, 2011 @ 6:14 pm

    Wow you learned a lot. Now I learned something too! Thanks for sharing. GREG

  24. 24

    5 Star Foodie — May 23, 2011 @ 6:43 pm

    Awesome eats, looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  25. 25

    Susan Loren-Taylor — May 23, 2011 @ 7:20 pm

    Love your post. A delicious education!

  26. 26

    Jennifer (Savor) — May 23, 2011 @ 7:46 pm

    Now I see why we did not meet – you were not there but off at these fab rests. wish we had gotten to dined together – i know I met thin recipes as I am staring at her card.

    Next time?

  27. 27

    Sommer@ASpicyPerspective — May 23, 2011 @ 8:57 pm

    What great photos! I learned a lot too, but my lessons were a bit less tasty! 😉

  28. 28

    Kristen — May 23, 2011 @ 11:26 pm

    That is what it’s all about – the relationships and what is behind each of the blogs! So much fun.

  29. 29

    Mandy - The Complete Cook Book — May 24, 2011 @ 12:12 am

    What a lovely post and beautiful photos. It’s amazing how binding food can be and what fabulous relationships you can build with like minded people.
    :-) Mandy

  30. 30

    Delishhh — May 24, 2011 @ 12:25 am

    Oh sounds like you had an amazing time. I wish i could have gone. Lovely post and photos look so good.

  31. 31

    Carolyn — May 24, 2011 @ 7:21 am

    Ooo, jealous of your trip. I have yet to make it to a foodblogging conference…someday! Great pictures!

  32. 32

    Alison @ Ingredients, Inc. — May 24, 2011 @ 7:32 am

    great to see you and wish we could have talked more

  33. 33

    On My Spring Break I … | FRANtastic Food — May 25, 2011 @ 8:06 am

    […] in the early afternoon and we sat at the table chatting the hours away while waiting for Julie, of Mommie Cooks to drive in from her home in North Carolina and Susan, of Swoon my Spoon, who traveled the farthest […]

  34. 34

    Gitte — June 6, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    Ohhh you went to the conference. Must admit I am a little jealous here 😉

  35. 35

    Loaded Kitchen » Augusta Food Crawl. Sweatpants Required. — August 3, 2011 @ 5:46 pm

    […] have any pictures to show you of their 7th Heaven cake but go look at Julie’s post HERE and you’ll see why the Boll Weevil made it on to our food […]

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