About Me

Greetings and welcome to my kitchen! 

My name is Julie and I’m thrilled that you’re here.  I hope you’ll pull up a chair, grab your appetite and stay for a meal or two.

A bit of dirt regarding little ol’ me… I currently live in the queen city; Charlotte, North Carolina.  I have four rambunctious, handsome, lovable boys, and a husband to help round out the tribe.

I run an upbeat, witty food blog filled with recipes fit for all levels and all tastes. My kids try everything I cook, regardless of how crazy the end result, and let me know whether it’s worthy of sharing on the Internet. I have a degree from the University of Wisconsin (go Badgers!) in Zoology and a master’s in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado. I choose to stay home with my kids because I love being a mom in all shapes and forms and it excites me to imagine that my actions today will in many ways help to shape my boys into the gentlemen they’re destined to become.

I love, love, love to cook, eat and write, which makes food blogging a perfect outlet for me. My recipes are a true representation of what my family eats on a weekly basis; real meals for real families with real taste-pleasing ingredients.

I’m tickled pink that you’ve decided to join me on this food inspired journey and I hope you’ll stick around for many more fabulous and taste pleasing recipes.