Quickie Delectable Puff Pastry

Puff Pastry.  It’s one of those products you always find yourself buying at the store because it looks way too daunting to try yourself at home.  Well I’m here to tell you that, thanks to King Arthur Flour (KAF), processed puff pastry can take a kick to the curb.  There’s a new, simpler gal in town.   The best part is that this method works magic in pie crust as well, yielding flaky yet fabulous crust (sounds like a few Hollywood celebrities I know).

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Blogging and Baking with King Arthur Flour

The welcome sign for King Arthur Flour’s newly renovated facility

Where to begin.

I just finished up a three day tour with King Arthur Flour at their Baking Education Center where we dabbled in the basic arts of everything from yeast breads to pastry dough.  To say this was a dream trip for me would be under playing the entire experience.   I have been wanting, no scratch that, needing to learn more about the art of baking for some years now.  It all began with a batch of homemade sourdough starter and grew from there, stretching so far as a dream to someday run my own boutique flour shop selling all forms of flour from the most common to the rarest artisan forms.

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