Swiss White Chocolate Cake Roll with Rhubarb Whipped Cream

Holy spumoni do I have a gem of a dessert to share with you today.  I can’t wait to chat your ear off about this amazing Swiss roll cake, but before we do I have a small bit of blog business to take care of.

I’m excited to announce that Mommie Cooks is entering into a new partnership with Cooking Light Magazine and  Twice a month I will be sharing content and recipes that are relevant to you and your family.  We’ll look into everything from the latest food trends to healthy menu items to individual ingredient features such as what to do with the pile of spring asparagus that’s taking up residence in your fridge’s crisper drawer.  Hopefully we can all come away a bit more informed and whole lot more inspired to head back into our kitchens and get cooking!

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Springtime Orzo Risotto

Risotto is one of those dishes that people shy away from because they think it’s too difficult to cook.  Honestly though, aside from the stirring aspect of the whole experience, I find it to be one of my favorite meals to serve for the family.  It has that magical property of tasting like you added a bucket of lusciously “bad for you” cream to the mix when really it’s just a combination of chicken broth, white wine and starch from the pasta.  Best of all, you can pretty much add any protein, vegetable or fungus into the pot, in effect creating a one dish meal that results in a simple and straightforward weeknight dinner.

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